Portrait – Economy & Criminal Investigation

Loyalty to our clients is our number one priority. This means that we value the client's interests above all others and protect them 100% against third parties.

The E&C Investigation was founded in Zurich in 1968. Together with the A. Schenkel investigation and information bureau, which was established in 1945, we can draw on the knowledge and experience of the oldest private detective agency in Switzerland.

We‘re politically, ethnically and religeously neutral and we are financially independent.

Our clients and the problems they face have changed significantly over recent years. Changes in people’s life circumstances and changes to legislation have also the methods to adapt our approach and offer customised solutions.

Our services for companies and individuals are exclusive and tailored to the situation and specific needs. Our success is the result of our partnerships and our desire to take individual responsibility and fulfil our obligations. All our resources are state of the art and meet the requirements of the tasks assigned to us.

Whether you need us to track down assets, find missing persons, investigate social matters or undeclared work, or clarify financial and personal backgrounds – we can help you!


Our philosophy

We work locally, nationally and globally for our clients – whether they are individuals, businesses, authorities or lawyers – and offer assistance with civil and criminal cases.

Clients seeking assistance from our detective agency are often facing challenging problems and expect us to provide unconventional solutions.

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