Detective for individuals

Our range of services for individuals includes work in the following areas:

Pre-litigation investigation

  • Procurement of evidence for civil and criminal litigation in accordance with the law

Exposure of criminal offences and fraud

  • Procurement of information about companies or individuals with whom you wish to enter into a relationship
  • Investigation of suspicions relating to title or rank

Advice on security matters and security-related issues

  • Security escort (overt or covert)
  • Security measures to protect property (overt or covert)
  • Prevention of child abduction and countermeasures
  • Search for missing persons
  • Background investigations and security checks

Assistance with personal matters

  • Exposure of bullying in the workplace
  • Evidence of libel or slander
  • Location of family members and heirs
  • Address searches
  • Clarification of the status of cohabiting partners
  • Custody disputes

Advice and services

  • Risk assessments
  • Recommendation of measures and action plans
  • Procurement of external services
  • Offender profiling

Loyalty test

Trust is the most important part of every relationship. You can have it, lose it and regain it. Nothing is static, everything changes. If the trust was justified yesterday, it can be different today. Statistically speaking, men cheat more often (80%) than women (20%).

The number of clients who visit prostitutes and who have sexual intercourse without condoms is statistically alarmingly high. However, the particular partners usually have wouldn't know of this and believe themselves to be elusive secure. In times of AIDS and venereal diseases, the question of trust is fundamentally important, because it can even be a matter of life or death, especially when it comes to AIDS.

Nowadays the temptation is enormous. In advertising, television and film, in magazines and books, everywhere it is communicated how normal and natural the affair is.
Can your partner resist these temptations? The following signs in an already existing relationship indicate that he or she is cheating:- Physical contact is avoided, tenderness is absent.
- Nagging is the order of the day, disputes are deliberately provoked.
- The external appearance changes with new clothes, perfumes, hairstyle, etc.
- New topics are relevant, views of life change.
- Suddenly sport is practised or a membership in a fitness club is completed.
- Leisure time is no longer spent together. There are no binding commitments for vacation together.
- As often as possible, you withdraw from your partner.
- More "personal freedom" is required.
- One has to "find oneself" and therefore needs more time for oneself.

If you find these or other signs, if you want to enter into a new relationship or are about to get engaged/married and want to have any doubts cleared up, then the loyalty test brings clarity to you.
Everyone has the right to know where they stand and whether their trust or distrust is justified. The unjustified doubt can destroy a relationship just as a cleared doubt can save it.