Detective for individuals

Our range of services for individuals includes work in the following areas:

Pre-litigation investigation

  • Procurement of evidence for civil and criminal litigation in accordance with the law

Exposure of criminal offences and fraud

  • Procurement of information about companies or individuals with whom you wish to enter into a relationship
  • Investigation of suspicions relating to title or rank

Advice on security matters and security-related issues

  • Security escort (overt or covert)
  • Security measures to protect property (overt or covert)
  • Prevention of child abduction and countermeasures
  • Search for missing persons
  • Background investigations and security checks

Assistance with personal matters

  • Exposure of bullying in the workplace
  • Evidence of libel or slander
  • Location of family members and heirs
  • Address searches
  • Clarification of the status of cohabiting partners
  • Custody disputes

Advice and services

  • Risk assessments
  • Recommendation of measures and action plans
  • Procurement of external services
  • Offender profiling